Manual Adjustments

Dr. Short uses manual hands on techniques primarily diversified high velocity low amplitude thrusts when adjusting.  Many people think of theses as hands on cracking and popping.  She also uses manual muscle techniques such as myofascial release and post-isometric relaxation to help address the muscle component of sublimation.  Dr. Short believes that adjustments and muscle work together are essential when treating back pain and joint dysfunction. 


With some low back problems a drop piece is the best option for adjustments.  This does not require the patient to lay on their side and allows a direct low force drop to assist in adjusting.



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An activator is a small hand held tool that delivers a high-speed and low-force adjustment.  Some people also refer to this as a "clicker".  This in not Dr. Short's primary method of adjustment, and is used only as needed in certain circumstances or if it preferred by the patients.