It is important to follow after care instructions to avoid further injuring yourself.  This also allows your body proper time to heal.  


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1.)   Always stand as erect as possible, with your shoulders, back and head

centered directly over the spine. 

2.)   Try to sit in the same manner, erect, with head over the spine.

Do not sit with your legs crossed, except at the ankles.

3.)   When you lift try to bend from the knees and not from the back,

keeping your back straight at all times.  Hold the weight close to your body as you carry it.

4.)   Mothers of small children must be very careful to not bend from the waist/back,

but to bend from the knees instead when lifting any child from the bed or floor.

5.)   You must have a good firm mattress to sleep on with no lumps or sags,

as one third of your life is spent in bed.

6.)   Never sleep on your stomach.  Sleep on your back or side instead. 

7.)   When on your back lie flat with the pillow under your head.  Your neck should not be pushed up so that your chin moves down toward your chest.  A pillow should support your neck according to its natural curve, allowing your head to rest in a neutral position.

8.)   When you sleep on your side, support the head and neck so your spine will remain in a straight line as you are viewed from the front.  Your legs should be at a 30 or 45 degree angle and not drawn up in a knot.  You may feel more comfortable with a pillow between your knees to keep your pelvis from being tilted.

9.)   Do not use a regular foam pillow.  A shaped cervical pillow or a feather pillow is best.

10.)   Do not rest on a couch with your head propped on the armrest.

11.)   No reading in bed, neither propped on your elbows, nor lying flat.

12.)   In ordinary cases, do not do any excessive lifting (over 15-25 lbs.) during the first 4-6 weeks of treatment.​

13.) You may be instructed to use ice and/or heat after your treatment.

14.) You may be shown some daily stretches or excercises to do at home after your treatment.